KitKats Pet Transport - The Caring Way To Transport Your Pet Through Europe!

your driver is amazing, so relaxed with all the dogs! S.SJP 02.17

Im pretty sure kit kats are to blame for rexy absolutely loving car rides! CS 02.17

We thank you for the transport of our puppy. Kitkat transports is a really good organisation, very loyal and very caring for the animals. I will recommend this company to all my friends. Keep doing what you are doing and making people happy PY 10.16

WOW is all i can say about this transport service
My little bell was picked up in england sunday just gone and she has been delivered to me in bg today
i cannot recommend the company enough truely
i was so worried about all the tells you here not to trust any old lot
well this one is 1000% good kind careing you may ask me anything questions ill sure reply with excellent answers ...
thankyou KIT KATS XXXX RB 05.16

Hi Kayte and everyone at Kit Kat, myself just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done so far and for looking after Hazel until she gets here on Saturday. You guys and K-9 have been fantastic, thanks to you these dogs are getting to us safely AKG 10.15 

Paul brought our Ivan over from Bulgaria. We can't speak highly enough of him. He also takes back any dog food that people donate, so that it can be given to the dogs in shelters and on the streets and who would quite often otherwise starve. Big kiss for Paul from Ivan. I would give him a big kiss to, but Mrs Kit Kats might smack me lol xx A.Dower 21.01.14

Kit Kats brought over my gorgeous foster dog Alfie, the golden Labrador to UK. He stayed at their kennels in Bulgaria for almost a month. He arrived safely, and was in good condition. He was happy, healthy, and very relaxed, and that must have been because of how he was treated whilst at Kit Kats. I would absolutely highly recommend Kit Kats kennels and transport services to anybody considering adopting a dog from the balkans, and Europe. Paul is an amazing guy. Kind, efficient, friendly, caring, and really takes such brilliant care of the dogs in my opinion. I would happily, and absolutely use their services for any dogs I were to foster or adopt again in future. The service is just awesome. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Thank you Paul Bg and Kit Kats Transport for taking such good care of Alfie, and for bringing him safely to his new home in the UK, in such great condition. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx My immense gratitude. W.Feather 01.14

Recommend kit kats to anyone for the care and attention they paid to Snow - our imported dog who was nursed back to health by them. D.Quick 23.01.14

Probably said it a million times but thank you so much for getting yotzo safe to us after such a long journey. Paul really is super human.. Loads of photos later. Yotzo has settled in fine thank you xxxx JL 01/13

"I have two very contented BG rescue dogs in my dining room en-route to their forever homes tomorrow. Paul collected them in BG ready for the off - which was then delayed by a week due to the atrocious weather conditions. I felt reassured throughout this whole process that these dogs were being very well cared for. My heartfelt thanks to both Paul and Kayte for looking after them so well during the extra week in their former homeland. For keeping me updated and for providing such a terrific service." AB 03/12

"I find it hard to put into word how I feel tonight, we found last Friday a English couple that where desperate to get to the uk, quickly, they had three dogs. Between us, friends in the Uk, America and KitKat, the dogs are safe with kitKat, and the couple are flying to the UK tomorrow. KitKat pulled all the stops out for us, and went beyond the call of duty collected the dogs and are kennelling them for their passport quarantine and then transporting them over to their owners. "
"This they did at very short notice and at a very good price, I would recommend them to anyone who needs to transport their animals and or kennel them. JJ 02/12
They are a wonderful couple, we cannot thank them enough. we needed our dog collecting when we had to go back to England sooner than expected. He was collected at a couple of days notice. This terrified ex-street dog just arrived safe and well sat on the front seat looking happier and more confident than i have ever seen him. great service, wonderful people and a spot of dog confidence training thrown in for good measure. hank you very much. would recommend to anyone" CL 03/12

"Our lil man "taz" the bassetthound just today got dropped off at my mum and dads in Boikevets , Paul picked taz up Tuesday morning and set off travelled in the front seat stayed in hotels with Paul and shared pork pies!! He arrived today door to door no problems he sat and had tea with us and put us totally at ease, you can tell whe someone cares for animals he text us on a daily bassis to update us on where they where and how taz was doing great service I cant thank kayte and Paul enough and I'm sure will get the exellent service to bring taz home thank you both " SK 03/12

"Eva, Bo and Nikki arrived safe and well after their long trip Thanks again Paul and Kayte for the wonderful care you show these dogs. You help them make the transition with the minimum of trauma, which given their background of abuse and abandonment is so important." AB 05/12
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